Uplift Education is an award-winning tutoring centre in Liverpool, Sydney specialising in all Years 7-12 subjects. Our team of HSC experts has been delivering exemplary results since 2010. However, whilst we have delivered 99.95 ATAR scores and helped our students to #1 rankings within their schools, our mission involves much more than just academic success.


We live in a changing world where collaboration, teamwork and creativity have become the central values of all successful organisations. Increasingly, these values are also becoming an important hallmark of teaching and learning programs across the world. As our motto goes, we mentor our students to prepare them for life ‘beyond the classroom’ when they’ve finish their schooling and enter the real world.

Our broader mission involves:
• Helping our students become ‘active learners’ who are curious and eager to expand their intellectual horizons. Without an inherent degree of curiosity, it is impossible to learn and succeed.
• Sustaining positive relationships between our mentors and students by providing round-the-clock mentoring and emotional support.
• Maintaining an interactive classroom atmosphere where students feel comfortable asking questions and receiving feedback to reinforce their learning.
• Offering opportunities to become involved in extra-curricular activities to improve their professional repertoire and resume.
• Supporting students with scholarship and post-school employment opportunities




Students are able to use the library for quiet study and borrow books from our extensive range of textbooks and resources.



We believe in integrating education and technology. We provide our students with access to the internet because it is a valuable learning tool.






Our Uplift Student Society Facebook Group provides a platform for our students to connect with their tutors. We've built an online community for which students can ask questions and receive feedback and support outside the classroom.