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Uplift your school performance with award winning 7-12 HSC tuition experts 

High School Tutoring from $22 per hour   Join the 1000+ students who call Uplift home.

The Uplift Experience


Content filled lessons

Our weekly group lessons are supportive and engaging to help ensure that our students are always ahead of school.


Resources & learning materials

Out resources are developed by degree qualified experts. From learning booklets to homework sheets, practice papers and HSC style responses, our learning materials are designed to help ensure excellence. 


Support outside the classroom

In addition to our weekly lessons and homework, we support our students with school assignments. Students can revisit lesson recordings, ask questions through our online forum and seek 1 on 1 feedback.

Meet the Team


Varun Sharma

Principal & Director

Varun has over 13 years of teaching experience, he has mentored students who have achieved NSW State Ranks. In 2019, Varun's student achieved 1st in NSW for English Extension 1.


John Wilkie

Past HSC Marker & NESA Teacher

John has over 25 years of teaching experience, he is also a past HSC examination marker and a qualified NESA High School teacher having mentored over hundreds of students.


Eric Tran

Qualified NESA High School Teacher

Eric is a qualified NESA High School teacher, currently teaching at one of New South Wales' top private schools. He has over 10 years of coaching experience.

We have supported 7000+ students since 2011

In education, experience matters. Our centre has been tutoring & coaching students for over 10 years

"At Uplift, our mission is to offer a learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. You aren't just enrolling in a weekly tutorial, you're becoming part of a learning ecosystem, joining a community of mentors and students supports you before and after class. Our  students have always mattered to us which is why we continue to go above and beyond in supporting their learning needs." 


- Varun Sharma (B.A. LLB. UNSW 2016), Founder & Principal

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How does Uplift Education work?


Our subjects

Here at Uplift Education, we specialise in Year 7-12 tuition. Our subjects are English, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Class Length and Fees

Year 6-9 classes run for 1.5hrs/ week

Year 10-12 classes run for 2hrs/ week

Your first lesson at Uplift Education is always fees, lesson rates start at $22/hr with discounts applicable for families and students enrolling into multiple subjects.


Lesson Delivery - on campus

Our 'on-campus' lessons provide students with an interactive, face-to-face learning experience. However, we understand that students may not always be able to attend in-person which is why our on-campus lessons are also live-streamed so that our students are able to learn from home. The lessons are also recorded for students to look back and review on.


Lesson Delivery - online

Some students prefer to learn at home, this is why Uplift Education offers dedicated live online lessons that are equally interactive as our face-to-face lessons. You can access our lessons from anywhere knowing that you will be fully supported in your learning.

Our results speak for themselves


Of our students scored an ATAR above 90 in 2022.


Highest possible ATAR of 99.95 was scored by our student in 2020.


State rank results have been achieved by our students.


Students scored an ATAR above 99 in 2022.


Uplift Education has been a 5 time winner of 'Education Service of the Year'

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