Year 10 Courses

Teaching the English curriculum should balance and integrate all three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. These strands focus on students’ knowledge and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. At stage 5 (Years 9 and 10), students will be required to analyse, evaluate and respond to a variety of texts dealing with more sophisticated themes. Assessments are designed to develop and refine critical writing skills by helping students evaluate and integrate ideas from texts to form their own interpretations. Each year group focuses on a specified Area of Study as a lens through which they will interpret the studied texts. In this way, students will finish the year at Uplift Education prepared for more challenging assessments in their further study and beyond.

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By the end of Year 10, students recognise the connection between simple and compound interest. They solve problems involving linear equations and inequalities. They make the connections between algebraic and graphical representations of relations. Students solve surface area and volume problems relating to composite solids. They recognise the relationships between parallel and perpendicular lines. Students apply deductive reasoning to proofs and numerical exercises involving plane shapes. They compare data sets by referring to the shapes of the various data displays. They describe bivariate where the independent variable is time. Students describe statistical relationships between two continuous variables. They evaluate statistical reports.

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Year 10 science students at Uplift Education are taught from four major modules, as outlined in the BOSTES stage five syllabus. In the classroom, we give Year 10 students the opportunity to explore scientific concepts, theories and laws beyond the requirements of the syllabus to gain a detailed understanding of the core science subjects. Towards the end of the year students will decide which areas of science they would like to study in the Preliminary and HSC course. Our course aims to explore each facet of science to allow students to develop their interest and passion and choose the senior science subjects that best showcases their capabilities.

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