Year 11 Chemistry Concepts you MUST know For Year 12

The bolded topics will NOT be taught again in Year 12. It is critical that you revise these topics and have a strong understanding of these concepts before starting the Year 12 course.

Chemical Reactions:

  • Balancing equations

  • Writing balanced chemical equations with states when given reactants only (general equations assumed knowledge)

  • Writing net ionic equations

  • Oxidation-reduction reactions (will be retaught in year 12)

  • Nuclear equations (will be retaught in year 12)

  • Reactivity of metals

Chemical Compounds

  • Ionic, covalent molecular, covalent network, metallic substances

  • Structure

  • Properties

  • Solubility rules (will be covered again)

  • Naming rules/writing chemical formula

  • Intermolecular forces (dispersion forces, dipole-dipole forces, hydrogen bonding)

  • Principles (how they work)

  • Properties

  • Water (structure, bonding, properties)

  • Hydrocarbons (will be covered again)

  • Simple hydrocarbons

  • Side chains/halogen groups

  • Drawing/naming


  • Percentage composition

  • Mole calculations (theory will not be taught again)

  • Mole theory (basic understanding of the mole concept)

  • Simple conversions (mass/volume/concentration)

  • Determining quantities in chemical reactions (normal mole calculations)

  • Limiting reagent calculations

  • Dilutions

  • Heat of reaction/calorimetry (theory will only be taught briefly)