Up until the end of Year 12, I was still tentative about what I had wanted to pursue. I honestly just wanted to get a flashy ATAR that would open up as many doors as possible when it came to choosing a university course. Apart from this, I was quite competitive and my ATAR goal stood at 101. I did fall short, but at least I expected nothing less than my personal best.

MAKE STUDYING A HABIT Make studying a habit, rather than something that you need continual motivation for; I found that this reduced the risk of burn-out. Hold yourself accountable for the hours you plan to do each day, and have a timetable or schedule drawn up so you can track your progress. Highlight the more difficult questions in your workbooks so you can revise them before exams, and stay organised. Worst of all, learn to love it. Enjoy the therapeutic effect of sitting in the library doing a hundred questions one after the other and telling yourself that you love your subjects each time you walk into a classroom. Also, don't forget to sleep well and find a way to unwind (10km runs help). TO ALL YEAR 12 STUDENTS

It's daunting but you still have 50% of your HSC to go. Learn from every pitfall you've encountered throughout the year, and aim to finish with flying colours. Just a bit longer 😊