5 Reasons Students Should Study Economics at Uplift

1. We deliver results

Our students consistently achieve exceptional results in Economics. We know exactly what markers are looking for in essay responses, and guide students in their essays with this outlook. This is vital because essays are the differentiating factor between Band 6 and Band 5 scores. Our top performing students always achieve marks in the high 90's.

2. Quality Resources

We provide our students with all the resources they need to achieve the best results. Our resources have been compiled by our state-ranking tutors. We emphasise the importance of exam preparation in our courses and as a result, have created our own Uplift Education Trial Examination Sample papers. Click here to view a sample examination paper.

3. Extensive Essay Feedback Students are provided with extensive essay feedback to help them improve their results. Our tutors work around the clock to provide students with feedback and advice via email, outside of classroom hours. This shows our dedication to guiding our students to success.

4. E- Learning With increasing demand from our students, we are working alongside EdifyLearning to create an e-Learning platform for our Year 11 and 12 Economics Courses. This will allow students to access online videos that breakdown difficult economics concepts.

5. Quality Tutors

We have state-ranking tutors teach our Economics courses. They know exactly what it takes to get to the top!