HSC Physics: Practical

Perform an investigation and gather information to determine a value for acceleration due to gravity usingpendulum motion or computer-­‐assisted technology and identify reason for possible variations from the value 9.8ms-­‐2.


A bosshead and clamp was attached to a retort stand placed at the end of a desk. A 50g mass carrier was attached to the end of a 90cm piece of string, which had been tied to the clamp. The length of the pendulum was confirmed using a ruler, measured from the base of the mass to the knotat the top of the string and recorded in the table. The mass was pulled at a constant angle to the vertical e.g. 30°, and released. The time taken for 10 complete oscillations i.e. back and forth swings was timed using a stopwatch. Results for the period of oscillation were recorded. This was repeated twice and an average result was taken. It was then repeated for another four trials, shortening the string by 5cm on each trial.

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