TedTalks - Motivation

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite TedTalks, focusing on a topic that is vital to academic success - motivation.

More specifically however, I want to discuss a LACK of motivation. I've noticed that this is quite a taboo term, especially for those of you in senior years. The pressure to adhere to strict, intensive study regime for an extended period of time is high, and there is no room for discussion for how a lack of motivation might influence that plan.

The first time I watched this video was right after my trials in Yr 12, when I was experiencing a slump in motivation (ironically when I should have been studying most!). It happens to everyone - we all have both peaks and pits in terms of motivation. It's a natural and unavoidable part of life.

But what this video taught me, and what I hope you will get out of it too, is that the only obstacle we have in achieving our goals is ourselves. You are all in a unique position of being able to shape your future by your actions today. You are all able to make choices that will lead you closer or further away from your goals today. But most importantly, the person who is able to dictate those decisions is YOU!

I find TedTalks to be such a great resource because they provide a great avenue to learn through the experiences and knowledge of others. Based on that same logic, don't be shy to ask your tutors for tips and advice for maintaining motivation. We've all been through those same pits and peaks and can help you too!