Don't study hard, study smart: 5 Tips to make sure you study the right way


The HSC is just a month away. Whilst all the conventional wisdom out there is going to tell you to 'study hard', it’s more about 'studying smart' and focusing on what YOU need to do to

maximise YOUR own mark. Don't feel like you need to copy the study habits of your peers, because everyone's different.

Here are 5 tips to make sure you study the right way.

1. Make sure you read all the notes from the marking centre and marking guidelines from last years' HSC papers.

This gives you a real insight into what the senior markers expect of you. If you haven't already done this, this is the ONE thing that will help you a lot. In fact, it's suicide to ignore the great stuff on the BOSTES website.

For example, check out the marking guidelines for English Paper 1 2015- they gave sample answers to the comprehension section. You can tell they really want (A) Techniques, (B) Quotes, (C) Links to the rubric and (D) Insights (what you've learnt about discovery through the text).

2. Study for the exam by doing practice papers, not just reading over your notes.

It's waaaaaaaay too late for you to be writing notes! Focus on studying by doing EXAM PAPERS under EXAM CONDITIONS. This means timing yourself. When you finish the paper, go back and use your notes & textbooks to fill in the answers you couldn't do.

3. Feedback Feedback Feedback!

Make sure that you use your time

before school, during recess, during lunchtime and after school to go and talk to your teachers. Get as much feedback and help as possible! You only do your HSC once and you won't regret annoying your teachers after your ATAR comes back. Make sure to respect their time, and don't upset them if they're busy. They're only human beings! Both stress and kindness are contagious. So instead of stressing them out, show them some kindness and they’ll open their hearts for you!

4. Get your priorities right!

Whilst these last weeks of school are always super fun with BBQs, picnics, formals and the like, don't forget the bigger picture. The HSC is just around the corner. If you don't reach your HSC goal, you'll quickly forget the fun activities you did in the last week of school. Spend your valuable time getting ATAR points rather than getting frustrated at not finding the perfect suit or dress for your formal!

5. Eat well and sleep well.