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  1. Fees paid to Uplift Education for our services are non-refundable and non-transferrable unless an exceptional circumstance arises. Exceptions will only be made if evidence is provided or Uplift believe it is reasonable to make an exception.

  2. If Uplift Education cancels a lesson for any reason, the lesson fee will not be deducted from prepaid lesson credit.

  3. Uplift Education reserves the right to deny service if student invoices are overdue. The student/parent understands that the student’s access to Uplift Online portals may be barred upon the conclusion of the student’s final paid lesson.

  4. The student/parent understands that Uplift Education reserves the right to increase the size of any class, change the allocated tutor and change the class time in extenuating circumstances.

  5. The student/parent understands that if the student behaves in an inappropriate manner, then Uplift Education reserves the right to deny service to the student. The student/parent understands that no refund will be issued in such a circumstance.

  6. The student/parent understands that Uplift Education has a zero-tolerance vandalism policy. In the event of vandalism occurring, the student/parent agrees to pay the cost of repairing the property to its original state. If the student/parent refuses to make this payment, Uplift Education may use advance prepayment credit to repair the damage.

  7. The parent/student gives permission to Uplift Education to use photos and videos of the student for marketing and promotional purposes.

  8. The parent/student understands that Uplift is not responsible for any connectivity and technical issues that may impact the learning of students who opt-in for distance learning lesson delivery. This includes slow internet speeds, software, and hardware malfunctions and any like issues.

  9. The parent/student understands that if the student opts in for face to face lessons but attends 3 consecutive lessons online, Uplift Education will assume the student’s enrolment has now converted to our online/ distance learning.

  10. The parent/student understands that payment of an invoice indicates binding acceptance of our terms and conditions.

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